Jackhammer Trolley


The fastest, safest way to remove tiles and thinset!

The Jackhammer trolley lets you remove ceramic tiles, thinset, cork, and vinyl tiles up to six times faster than any other method. Nothing beats it for speed and efficiency.

Compatible for the following Jackhammers: Hilti TE1500, Hilti TE1000, Makita HM1317, Makita HM1307, Makita HM1502, Makita HM1512, Bosch 11335K, Hitachi H65, Dewalt D25960

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For fast removal of floor tiles, vinyl & cork

The Makinex Jackhammer Trolley is an innovative demolition tool for the fast and easy removal of floor tiles, vinyl and cork from concrete and wooden surfaces. It can also be used to remove residue from tile beds and for breaking rocks, blocks, concrete and sandstone.

The Makinex Jackhammer Trolley quickly removes floor tiles with some customers claiming they can do their demolition job up to 6 times faster than when using a jackhammer alone.

No more struggling or bending trying to handle heavy jackhammers! The Makinex Jackhammer Trolley carries most of the weight of the jackhammer while the user positions themselves behind the trolley and pushes it along. The ergonomic design minimizes vibration impact on the user and provides safer jackhammer operation by reducing back strain and operator fatigue.

The Makinex Jackhammer Trolley can be adjusted to 6 different positions, ranging from 20-80 degrees to suit most demolition jobs, making using a jackhammer and your demolition job easier, faster and safer.

*Jackhammer and attachments are not included and are sold separately.

Challenges on the Job

  • Back strain from bending over with heavy tool
  • Flying chips and dust in your face if too close
  • Very tiring physical work nobody likes to do
  • Need different tools for different materials
  • Hard to maintain right angle as you move

Our Solutions

  • Removes floor tiles, vinyl and cork from concrete or wooden surfaces
  • Removes residue from tile beds
  • Assists with the correct surface preparation of the concrete slab
  • Breaks rocks, blocks, concrete and sandstone
  • Quick and easy to assemble – jackhammer clamps into the trolley
  • Mechanical angle adjustment to 6 different positions ranging from 20-80 degrees to suit most demolition job
  • Large footplate enables forward pressure to be applied improving the speed of demolition
  • Ergonomic design with built-in shock absorption minimises vibration impact to the user
  • Built to last – durable silver zinc plated frame and quality steel components
  • 12 Month Guarantee
Weight (trolley without jackhammer) 27.5kg (60.6lbs)
Dimensions (trolley without jackhammer) L 3ft 3in x W 1ft 3 in x H 12 in
Suitable for 16kg (35lbs) jackhammer models Bosch GSH16, Dewalt D25960, Hilti 1000 & 1500, Hitachi H65, and Makita 1307 & 1317

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What Our Customers Say

I have been removing tile for quite some time using smaller hand tools and then upgrading to the bigger ones overtime. After long days and only removing less than 600 square foot of tile in a day. I decided to get the Makinex trolley and tile Smasher. I can now take out over 1500 square foot of tile in a day using this machine. It works great. I definitely recommend this machine if you want to be able to walk when your 50 years old without joint pain. Also Makinex customer service is fast at responding and will make you happy. Five stars for sure!”

Jacob Burnham, One Stop Demolition, USA JHT User

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