Jack Hammer Trolley Testimonials

Jack Hammer Trolley Testimonials

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Testimonials from customers who have had an awesome experience with the Makinex Jack Hammer Trolley

“I am able to complete jobs faster, which allows me to bid and win more jobs.  I highly recommend the JHT to any contractor working with floor removal.”

Don Preston, LMS Restoration

“The boys are really happy with the Jack Hammer Trolley setup. The floor bed we’re working on is really stuck. They have already done 5 wet rooms and about 130m2 of main floor and can operate all day long.”

Mark Granger, Buildcore Construction

“I use the Makinex Tile Smasher head to split the concrete beds of the floor and it makes life a lot easier!”

Matt, Enviro Solutions

“Speed things up, saves time, saves labour and is also safer with less chance of back injuries. Will pay for itself in two to three jobs”

Chris Makinson Building


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