Why our customers love this product – Testimonials

Why our customers love this product – Testimonials

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Tony Hamilton – WA Hamilton Masonary

The machine we use most is the 800 self loading dumper it’s main function is to transport aggregate and rock on sites where a larger machine is not practical . The machines are easy to use and reliable ,,.I have both the Honda ( petrol ) and the Yannmar diesel versions . The machines cut down on labor costs as one operator with the 800 or any of the Cormidis  for that matter can move more material in a day than several labourers , they don’t get tired and they don’t complain about the heat !

I have found that the machines if properly maintained and operated by a properly trained operator are safe ,efficient and quickly pay for themselves !

James Allessi – Kennards Brand Manager Wollara


“I was involved with the trial Kennard’s conducted on the Powered Hand Trucks (Onelift) last year during my time at the Alexandria branch. Since we received the new model a few months back I have noticed the unit has improved features as we can now lift an extra 20kgs.

We use the PHT regularly around the branch lifting brick saws, Generators and other small equipment. I use to wake up sore in the mornings with back pain from all the lifting of equipment, and I don’t seem to have that problem anymore now that I use the PHT”.

Darren Curmi, Kennards Hire, Alexandria, Sydney Australia

We use the Makinex Powered Hand Truck at our Kennard’s Hire & Rental branch to lift & load equipment.  It is a fantastic product we use it all day, every day.  This piece of equipment is saving us costs & preventing injuries.


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