Compact, Transportable, Reliable Power Article

Compact, Transportable, Reliable Power Article

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Compact, Transportable, Reliable Power

Makinex has released a compact range of generators (6KVA, 9KVA, 10KVA, 16KVA) with outstanding power to weight ratio. Perfect for powering all your products.

According Paul Weaver – Group General Manager, this robust, powerful and reliable range includes the most compact generator on the market in its range at just 515mm in length.

Our generator alternators provide 11 percent more power from the same engine due to the RFL permanent magnet alternator allowing a cleaner sign wave running at less than 3% harmonic distortion which then achieves 92 percent efficiency.

“We are continually looking to identify and meet market needs including providing equipment that is easy to use, so there is a strong focus on powerful compact generators.

The Makinex Generators will power everything you need from Vax to Floor Grinders to high frequency

The 16KVA  and 10KVA supports parallel powering to allow the user to power multiple machines. This is a massive saving for the user as it allows them to easily get power to those hard to access areas on the worksite.

Using 2 x 10KVA mobile Makinex Generators that can easily be transported via lift and into small hard to reach areas means getting power is no longer a time consuming, labour intensive and expensive operation.

We have the ability to start single and three phase motors simultaneously, and with no electronics in the alternator means they are reliable, have a longer life, and are easy to manoeuvre around small sites due to the trolley frame and push along handles which makes them ideal for any job.

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