Case Study – Makinex Generators in concrete polishing industry

Case Study – Makinex Generators in concrete polishing industry

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Case Study – Makinex Generators in concrete polishing industry

We decided to partner with the concrete polishing industry with our Makinex 10 & 16KVA generators as the features of having portability, tight access and 3 phase power, with the capability of paralleling, were highly conducive to offering solution to this market.

The current issues of Pantech, skid and trailer mount generators is the size (access to stationary parking), the cost (purchase, running & maintenance) and running long leads across footpaths or carparks etc.

What we have determined from 80 hours plus of field trials and testing is that our generators have stood up to the load variances and long running periods and are compatible with all the leading brands and products on the market.

We created a conversion calculator to determine start-up and running requirements per machine and then recommend the correct generator or configuration of parallel.

Then we developed a brand and product spreadsheet from testing analysis and this defines what models per brand can be utilized with what generator size.

Examples here shows commercial construction issue of minimal access site for stationary type generators. Our generators allow use of lifts.

gen pic 1 gen pic 2


The generators have been well accepted by the polishing contractors as they provide an equitable, efficient and effective value proposition in comparison to traditional offering.

We now have demand that is driving enquiry from the hire industry and from the leading market brands of Husqvarna, Tyrolit and Blastrac which is being driven by the contractor.

Below is generator parallel trial versus 40KVA trailer:

gen pic 3

Our latest generator testing was with All Preparation Equipment and Pyra Floor  a distributor) and involved an 11kw remote control Schwanborn machine using high frequency driver panel with a 4kw vacuum. The 16KVA ran this pairing on its own from 40grit cut of 40 year old concrete car park, through 7 passes of grind/polish to finish on 3000grit resin pads.

The contractors were some that already had our machines and were very impressed at the capability of the new products and also some contractors whom were obviously introduced to our generators conjunctive with the new technology of remote grinding/polishing.

This puts us at the cutting edge capability of this industry.

gen ic 4 gen pic 5

This market is also capable of sales pull though of all our flooring range and on site at our latest school was the MS100 and H2GO.

HTC800 with 16/16 parallelgen pic 7 gen pic 6


Cutting Edge Diamond – a proud Dealer whom gave us a lot of access to their customer base to allow testing and trials. This customer sells consumables and does repairs so obviously creates a lot of foot traffic.

gen pic 8





































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