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A Makinex Jackhammer Trolley in action

Makinex is an Australian owned private company that have been experts in the design, development and distribution of innovative products since 2004, providing solutions to the construction, landscaping, equipment hire, infrastructure and related industries.

With years of industry experience and expertise, our products are carefully researched and pre-tested to suit the Australian hire and rental industry – one of the toughest industries on equipment –before going to market. Specific solutions are carefully researched and pre-tested to maximize product design, performance and reliability.

Makinex is about making inefficiencies extinct, where the name itself comes from this driving force. Makinex strives towards continuous improvement by looking close at our business to find unique, innovative and practical product solutions that provide contractors and tradespeople with a better way to do their jobs to save time, physical effort and money. We believe that ‘good enough’ is never enough for our customers.

With plans to expand the existing designed product range, growth in local and global markets and a commitment to ongoing research and development, Makinex is experiencing tremendous growth, particularly in our own line of designed and manufactured products.

Makinex products are designed and developed by our team at head office in Sydney, Australia. All Makinex products are supported by manufacturer’s warranty, local spare parts and service networks to deliver end-to-end support.

Australian Innovation since 2004

Powered Hand Truck w/Forklift Attachment

Makinex designs, manufactures and distributes unique product innovations to the global construction industry. Makinex products provide our customers a better way to do their jobs – faster, safer and easier. Makinex products contribute value and vastly increase productivity, saving time and physical effort.

Some of our recent product innovations:

Makinex Jackhammer Trolley JHT – for fast removal of floor tiles
Makinex Powered Hand Truck PHT-140 – one-person operated materials handling solution for small loads up to 140kg (309lbs)
Makinex Dual Pressure Washer DPW-4000 – combined rotary cleaner and wand pressure washer
Makinex Mixing Station MS-100 – for fast mix and pour of leveling cements, compounds and epoxies

Our Team

Peter Maginnis

General Manager

Peter joined the Makinex team on 1st June 2015, after spending the last 10 years in the rental and self-storage industry.

Peter brings with him a passion to provide the best equipment rentals, sales and service to construction companies, builders contractors and landscapers, following the same goals as Makinex.

Rory Kennard says “I met Peter as part of the Global Rental Alliance in Australia and we have stayed in touch ever since, he has been a great mentor to me in setting up Makinex USA, I am very excited to have him as part of the ever growing Makinex team, and am looking forward to working with him full time to grow the American arm of our business.”

Peter will be working from our new North American Head Office based in Los Angeles, as we are expanding in the North American and Canadian space with the new business partnership between Makinex and Home Depot Canada and Home Depot online for our Jackhammer Trolleys and Tile Smasher Heads

Peter says….”I am very excited about the products that Makinex has and feel like they are the best in the industry. The Makinex machines are the strongest built and really make the job easy! I look forward to selling these products to many customers so that they can work smarter not harder.”

Brandy Hicks

Operations Manager

I came to Makinex with over 15 years of successful leadership experience and a reputation for meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives. I’m a focused individual recognized for “making seemingly impossible situations work.” My work ethic directly coincides with what Makinex is about: Success is not achieved by cutting corners, but by being effective, efficient, and working harder than others while providing the best service 100% of the time!!

What I love most about being a part of the Makinex family is that we are always pushed to go further than we thought we could, and of course, that no idea is a dumb idea (because I have so many)!

Lauren Kelley

Business Development USA Rental

I joined Makinex as a business development and sales professional. I bring to the table a belief in keeping things simple, accessible and reliable. I know that our success is a direct result of our customers’ success. So, making life a little easier by offering smart and innovative solutions to ordinary problems is rewarding. I enjoy every opportunity to educate, train and listen to our customers. WE all win when there is consensus on what is Great, not just good. On the off chance that you run into me on the weekend, you may see me playing a mean game of flag football on the beach, or running for a charity…come join me.

Dani Planto

Marketing Coordinator

Bio coming soon!

Kassarah Allison


Bio coming soon!

Robert Millikan

Sales manager USA South Central 

Sales management professional with 20+ years experience in building strategic network ties and increasing sales revenues in the construction industry throughout North America.

My journey started in 1990 as a part-time lumber yard sales associate for Western Lumber in San Diego, Ca. Over the next 25 years, my journey would take me across North America to St. Louis, MO, Morgantown, WV, Kansas City, KS, Phoenix, AZ, and Dallas, TX. From retail manager, to construction worker, to landscape company owner, to labor foreman, to gas and oil pipeline construction inspector, to manufacture rep, I’ve seen just about everything the construction world had to offer.

Then along came Makinex! A company founded on simplicity, yet bold and innovative. A company built on strong core values and customer service. A product line so cutting edge, I absolutely had to be part of TEAM MAKINEX!!

A few things for those who don’t know me. I’m an avid dirt bike rider/racer, competing in several events throughout the year. I enjoy mountain biking, golfing and fishing. And I have a passion for cooking, gardening and wine tasting.

Melissa Langstaff

Logistics Coordinator

I am very excited to be the newest member of the Makinex USA team! Born and raised in Columbus, OH, I completed my Associates Degree from Columbus State Community College and my BSBA from Bowling Green State University. I entered the world of customer service and sales, with the last 7 years being in the industrial field preforming Vendor Managed Inventory. I recently relocated to California and can be found on the weekends at the beach enjoying the many activities and events going on. In the fall, I can be found cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes!

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